Mookie Betts Talks Bowling at the 2023 U.S. Open Tournament

Mookie Betts Talks Bowling at the 2023 U.S. Open Tournament

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22 Comments on “Mookie Betts Talks Bowling at the 2023 U.S. Open Tournament”

  1. Bowling, along with golf, is one of those sports that you can play all your life. They are also universal games that the great sports icons want to play when not at “work”.

    1. golf is more popular for the icons (and wealthy-ish businessmen in general)because most people understand how much thought and brain goes into playing golf. while it’s true, people might not know that bowling requires similar levels of rigour and thinking. people can go to the driving range braindead or come to the bowling alley dead drunk and its still possible to play, but more people need to realise the skill ceiling of bowling is as high as golf’s, and if they dont know bowling concepts like lane conditioning, adjustments, ball reactions, its hard to fully grasp the nuances in bowling

  2. For perspective, this humble man has a guaranteed $365 million contract with the Dodgers. I love hearing him talk about his love for bowling. If I was on his pair, I’d say, “Drinks are on Mookie!”

  3. The fact that he said he wanted to earn it by bowling in the PTQ and how grateful he was to be chosen, just shows how humble and respectful of a guy he is. He throws a nice ball too.

  4. Yeah, Mookie! I’m a fan of you playing for the Dodgers and I’ll be a fan of you bowling. Thanks for bringing a lot of positive attention to the sport. Tell CP3 to quit icing you out of his tournament just because you’re better than he is! 😂 Good luck with the open!

  5. It’s great for all the fans and the future of the sport that he’s there. I don’t care if he was gifted a spot. He has a great game and I wish him well in the tournament. I hope he makes it to televised match play, it’d be great for the sport.

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