More Slow Motion Releases – 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open Day 2

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A collection of slow motion releases from some of the best bowlers in the world during day 2, B and C squad qualifying at the 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open from AMF Garland Lanes in Garland, Texas.

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24 Comments on “More Slow Motion Releases – 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open Day 2”

  1. Thanks, now I finally know why I leave the 10 sometimes. When I hit to far right, my ballspeed is to slow to get that bounceback auf the 6. So I have to move in further so the 3 pushes the 6 into the 10 directly.

  2. There’s a lot of great stuff to watch beyond the releases. Finish position, ball motions, and what type of pocket hits carry the 10 more consistently.

  3. i was always told to keep the arm straight (elbow locked) when throwing. interesting to see some of the higher rev rate bowlers break the elbow and snap is straight on release. tommy jones, amleto, etc.

    1. a They do that to create more revolutions on the ball. The more under the ball your hand is, the more revs you get.

    2. That’s exactly what Brian Voss teaches in his book “Bare Bones Bowling,” i.e., having the arm slightly bent in the downswing then “popping” it at release for the reason you cite. Brian was never a power bowler. Very smooth and deliberate, and these days he needs every edge he can get with today’s power players.

  4. 1:45 Lavoie has a really unique release. His wrist isn’t very cuffed. He loads up right at the bottom of his swing.

  5. 3:37 Pause and add an explotion and a zombie apocalypse behind Sean there, and you have the next action movie of the year.

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