Nelson “Bo” Burton Jr. vs Marshall Holman

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30 Comments on “Nelson “Bo” Burton Jr. vs Marshall Holman”

    1. @Douglas Skaalrud What are you talking about? Lanes transition much faster now. You obviously don’t bowl on sport shots.

  1. It’s great watching the bowler who always presented the Tip of the Week bowling wonderfully in competition.
    Bo Burton “practiced what he preached.”

  2. Back in the day. Bowling after akbc our jr bowling leagie was done at 11 saturday. I couldnt wait to come home to watch the abc bowling
    Im talking. About the late 70-s. Now mind you television was so 👍

    1. Right there with you. Junior league Saturday morning, get home and hurry up with my chores, then the PBA followed by Wide World of Sports.

    2. I bowled in the noon-day-juniors league Saturday mornings at 11also and got home and would watch the PBA on ABC mid 70’s. Great memories

    3. I’ve never gotten to see this replayed in its entirety. My Saturday bowling league finished at 1130am my mom dragged me on a shopping trip. At the drug store, one of my former teachers alerted me that Bo Burton was in the middle of a crazy match (3rd of the day). I wanted to go right home to see history in the making, but had to settle for just a few minutes of black n white coverage on a 13″ tv at Kresge’s. Thank you for the video…

  3. This is real bowling man. 1984. Urethane balls. Not a tough condition really. Right down the gut shot. Bo with a black hammer. Lol. My ball I shot 300 with in 1988. Wow the backends thru the rack hookin big . Lol.

  4. …..And he averaged 237 last year in league down here in Stuart, South Florida!!! 237!!! Almost 80 years old!! Legend!!!

    1. @Bowling Circus These older pros still have what it takes. I recently saw a newspaper article from 2014 about Teata Semiz. He drilled a new ball, shot 804 on the night of his 80th birthday. At 86 he is still averaging close to 200.

  5. In 1977 I kept score for a pba tourney elimination round and Nelson Burton Jr thanked me for keeping score, that was awesome to hear that and he was the only one to say it.

  6. Bowling on TV is always good but back then…so many big time bowlers…I watched it instead of football for that hour and a half…

  7. Bo was so smooth and relaxed that day he probably burned about 5 calories in his 4 games. The ball hit with power right where it needed to, at the pins, and his no grab release is what makes that happen. He proved, and still proves what great fundamentals and staying in shape can do for your game.

  8. Burton’s line was so simple and direct, Holman didn’t have a chance. They could have bowled twenty frames and Burton’s shot wouldn’t have strayed more than three or four times. If that.

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