10 Comments on “Nelson Burton Jnr talks sanding.”

  1. No, not the sort of thing you would do now, but 20 odd years ago before plastic lanes and exotic bowling balls…..

  2. I once sanded my Columbia U2 back in junior bowling with 60 grit. Ball not only peeled off the dry, but the oil, too. LOL Most unbelievable thing was when I shot 220 something on a bone dry condition when I was like 12 years old with it.

  3. @thiswilldoblue …..This is actually done way more now, just with very high grits relative to sand paper. Usually Abralon pads are used to alter the surface from 180 (which you will never see) to 4000 grit. Altering the surface to manage your breakpoint distance is one of the biggest factors in having success on a sport shot.

  4. Bo always had his own opinions. And sanding worked on every ball no mater what the cost. Most urethane ball back the came sanded. Never liked bo

  5. What I remember back then was sanding the ball only produced temporary results. Might have worked for maybe a game or two then you were back to moving right and pointing the ball toward the pocket. 

  6. This is so outdated it’s hilarious expensive urethane bowling balls a hundred dollars now bowling balls are $230

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