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  1. Thats right, he nearly chops the headpin straight through. Shouldn’t the ball come into contact with all 3 pins…?

  2. lol this is an old vid back then the bowling equipment was very different so you would bowl different and he did get very lucky on that first strike

  3. Yup, beats working for a living. How many of us bowlers would love to be in his shoes. Give a video lesson here, enter a bowling tournament there, be on tv. He has my vote !

  4. not necessarily. What I would do is move right since I was taught to move in the direction of the error. Since the ball was right, move right. then find the 1-3 pocket. with the right angle, the head pin would bounce into the 2, then the 4. spare + I know where my setup position for strikes.

  5. This is from 1987, the same telecast as Pete McCordic’s perfect 300. Even though Bo missed by a couple of inches, pay attention. Your spare making may improve. He and Mike Durbin give us good tips in between matches.

    1. Matthew Smith This same tip also aired during the 1986 Quaker State Open. This particular clip would have been from 1987 as the Tip of the Week segment had a different intro for the 1987 season versus the 1986 season. Both the 1986 and 1987 intros featured the same music but different graphics. This clip had the 1987 version of the Tip of the Week intro.

  6. Interesting he’s on the same lanes wearing the same silver shoes as my 1988 Bowling with Bo Burton Jr VHS Instructional tape upload.

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