Norm Duke and Jason Belmonte – Bowler to Bowler Interview Part 1

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In this episode of Bowler to Bowler, where one bowler interviews another, IAB's own Jason Belmonte interviews the legendary Norm Duke. Unlike most of our other Bowler to Bowler interviews, this is a more casual sit down interview and we take a close look into the bowling career of Norm Duke. This is part 1 of 2.

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25 Comments on “Norm Duke and Jason Belmonte – Bowler to Bowler Interview Part 1”

  1. @yague123 Jason has the questions typed up on his phone, and we are sending new questions as the interview goes on in case we thought of new ones.

  2. This was awesome guys. Norm is insightful about everything. I feel like I learn something new every time he speaks.

  3. Great interview! I was very happy to see some insight into Norm’s family life and history. Big fan of his.

  4. He comes across as a very genuine person. I’ve always liked Norm Duke and this interview confirms my perceptions of him. Thanks.

  5. A really great interview! I like both bowlers a whole lot, Norm’s a personal inspiration, and it’s a great insight for all fans. Thank you very much IAB for sharing this! Cheers from Bulgaria!

  6. 10:30 lol at Hiro back there. Looks like he time warped into the wrong place at the wrong time. Go save the cheerleader, dude!!

  7. I bowl at the house in Clermont, FL that Jason couch, norm duke, and randy Pederson. Norm has taught me almost everything I know through 1on1 lessons, FOR FREE.

  8. This is really great. Norm Duke is one of the premiere bowlers of all time and autographed a yearbook for our son on Long Island many years ago- always seemed like a really nice person, and Mr. Belmonte is obviously the best bowler in the world today-  the most exciting and dominant bowler since the days of Anthony and Roth. And he   also projects well. i  Both men are great ambassadors for the sport.  

  9. Great interviewer and great interviewee. I’ve always enjoyed the way Norm phrases things when he speaks – he does it so well. But to hear the lilting voice of Belmo asking the most perfect questions was a surprise. Well done, to both of them, and so now I need to search YouTube for more great interviews with either of these two great PBA players.

  10. My two favorite bowlers of all time and for some reason they happen to have the nicest personalities in 🎳 …amazing

    1. I am Jinx no it’s the other way around. In one of the PBA League events, Rash went for a high five and Belmo completely ignored him, going for everybody else’s.

    2. I am Jinx Sean has also called Belmo the best in the world. I think they dislike each other, but Sean at least respects Belmo.

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