Norm Duke Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)

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This is the one and only, the myth, the legend, the iconic Norm Duke at the PBA World Series of Bowling XI (2020). This is a collection of some of his shots, reactions, and more on 3 of the oil
patterns of the PBA WSOB 2020.

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Norm Duke is considered a legend in the sport of Bowling and captured his first title at the age of 18! He has an iconic "Duuuuuuuuke" the crowd yells when he throws the ball on PBA TV Shows.

Duke has 40 PBA Tour among other major international awards. He has earned, to date, over $3.600,000 at the PBA Tour alone. Norm bowls for Storm Bowling.

Norm Duke has also 73 PBA Career Perfect 300 Games! How about that?
He has been at the PBA since 1982 and still gets titles teaching everyone how it's done.

Make sure to watch all the way through the video.

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36 Comments on “Norm Duke Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)”

    1. Thank you for the support, always! Keep sharing our videos. Sometime soon we will be able to do giveaways and other cool surprises on the way

    1. Hi, I recorded all the videos myself at the event. Thanks for the compliment! I really wish I could have gotten more videos to share.

    1. Actually, his swing is a little early at the beginning, but his footwork puts him “on time” when the swing comes back down.

  1. Arguably the smoothest bowler that ever lived. He didnโ€™t need the โ€œbig hookโ€ to become a hall of fame bowler. My favorite bowler of all time!

    1. No, he’s proof you don’t need high revs to throw the big hook. He hooks the lane if he thinks that’s the best line. His 1994 season was mostly him hooking the lane. Watch him vs. Robert Smith in the 1994 AC Delco classic. Smith, the “king of revs,” gets badly out-hooked by Duke.

  2. Once again proving that you don’t need 2 hands or an insane rev rate to throw strikes. And you will avoid some of the ridiculous splits.

  3. He comes up the side of the ball more. Iโ€™ve seen hundreds of videos showing how the big benders release and โ€œprosโ€ release the ball? Thereโ€™s really not much difference. Kind of splitting hairs?

    1. That just goes to show you that you don’t necessarily MUST do it one way or the other. Preferably, you do what the lanes are asking you for. That’s called versatility. That’s why Norm is of the greatest ever. He is super versatile and repetitive!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

    2. @Athletic Bowling exactly! The equipment is made to hook know a days. You really donโ€™t need to tear the back of the ball up.

  4. One of the best balls thrown was around 3:45, guy walks in front of camera. Thanks bud, geez. Ball continues right through the pins, good to see that. Nice video!

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