Norm Duke ‘Elected To Go As Straight As Humanly Possible’ At 2021 USBC Masters

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Norm Duke talks about wrapping up qualifying at the 2021 USBC Masters and says he expects scores will go up during the bracket portion of the event.


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15 Comments on “Norm Duke ‘Elected To Go As Straight As Humanly Possible’ At 2021 USBC Masters”

  1. You can’t say it any better than that.. that’s how you become great! One shot at a time

  2. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Logically speaking, carrying strikes is about hooking the ball into the pocket, not going straight. As pro bowlers, everyone is forced to be ultra conservative to earn that paycheck that pays the bills. If Norm Duke carries strikes with his down the third arrow “straight house league shot” then everyone follows suit. I highly rate bowlers like: Robert Smith, Bob Learn Jr., Francois Lavoie, Kris Prather and Dom Barrett who have talent and aren’t afraid to express it with their hook shot. Contrary to this interview and Norm Duke’s current standing, I favor someone with a hook shot like Faulkner, not a straight shot, to win the Masters.

    1. If you look back at when Michael Fagan was on tour, he talked about how he would only hook it and rev it up. He made 1 show doing that then struggled since that. Once he learned how to play straight then he actually started winning a lot. No one on tour cares about how you get the job done. A win is a win. Also, understand that Norm doesn’t have the revs that the young kids have and they have been putting out fresh for most of the whole tournament. Little breakdown when you reoil a lot. Last thing is that you will be surprised to learn that optimal entry angle in the pocket is 4-6 degrees. So the big hook shot you like to see, is not as big as you think.

    2. Faulkner is going straight as well. Lavoie , Prather, Simonsen, Tackett.
      Following suit. They all can break it off, but these conditions calls for finding a “Happy Medium”.
      This 30K is calling for Versatility this week. Straight up Grind.
      Simonsen may have to 🌛walk. That’s if he can hold on. Belmo’s bites he nails, being hopeful to make the ✂️.
      Bowling for a living? No joke.

    3. I highly rate bowlers who are versatile, and can play any part of the lane as necessary based on the environment and lane conditions of that specific tournament. Versatility should be rewarded, and if playing straighter is what you need to do to win in a specific case, then you should do that. Norm doesn’t have 40 titles because he throws it the same way all the time. If Norm thinks the conditions call for playing more left, he’s perfectly capable of doing it. If he needs to play straight, he can do that too. Why should I have MORE respect for guys who can’t play straighter if the game calls for it? The guy who deserves to win is the guy who can do whatever it takes, and do it well.

  3. Between that amazing ability to play really straight and his marvelous presence on microphone, does Norm realize he’s probably related to Mike Durbin? (❤ them both!)

  4. its exactly what I would do and I knew norm would probably do so also. hand adjustments are the best adjustments

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