22 Comments on “Norm Duke Head Pin Goes To The Side Walk”

  1. its so amazing the amount of power norm duke gets even being a stroker. this proves that anyone can have power as long as you’re smooth and nice to the ball

  2. the outside line does that because it comes in later sending the head pin more left than usually to the SIDE WALL! and the kickers in this house are probably the reason for the carry

  3. @TXP9 Modern equipment lets shot makers like Duke really compete with the strike a bunch boys. You can generate an equal amount of power with a weaker release by getting the ball to hit the pocket in the correct phase of motion known as “hook-out.” This is when axis tilt and rotation are equal, but greater than 0.

  4. hell, when I bowl, I always end up with the golden gate split strike conversion because the 4 & 6 get hit by crossed messengers to hit the 9 & 10

  5. OH..I get it. When I saw “Goes to the side walk” I thought the head pin came so far up the gutter it was heading out the front door 🙂

  6. Senior league can be really funny sometimes. I get a few messengers in every game I play and when I get the strike,many seniors think I’m just lucky. It’s like they never seen one before.

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