Norm Duke interview from the 2022 USBC Masters

USBC and PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke has advanced to the stepladder finals at the 2022 USBC Masters at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Listen to this incredible interview with Duke after winning his first three matches Friday. The stepladder will be April 3 at 1 p.m. Eastern on FOX.

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22 Comments on “Norm Duke interview from the 2022 USBC Masters”

  1. The ‘Svengali’ of the PBA, folks! 😉 He’s had quite a ride, hasn’t he? 😃 He’s ‘exacta-mundo’ on ‘Father Time’ and ‘all that stuff’. 😉

  2. It broke my heart to see Norm & Brad in a bracket, but I love it at the same time. I can’t imagine a Tour without Norm…he’s been a staple for all of us & we adore him. As much as I’d love to see Brad win this, what a way to go out this would be for Norm. I’m excited to see how it all plays out! 🎳❤🎳

  3. Norm has become my favorite bowler… to stay competitive with a low rep style against 2 handers is just insanely impressive, no matter even the age!

    1. My dad used to bowl against him in the 80s biggest pot bowler and accuracy

      Even around 16-17 amazing to see truly

  4. Good interview. I started watching the pba in 1979 so have seen every one of Mr Duke’s matches. I still bowl twice a week at 65. But the pros just bowl too many games so I understand his situation.

  5. Wow. Very hard to hear Norm say that this might be his last tournament. You can really see his love for bowling. He is such a great guy. One of the nicest Pro’s I’ve met, and I always smile when I hear about him or see him. I’m really routing for him for this year’s Masters. I believe he can get #41, and hope to see him on television! Thanks for what you’ve done Norm.

  6. If winning means you’re retiring, then I’m pulling against you this time, Mr. Duke. You’ve been my favorite for many years and I’m not ready to see you go!

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