Norm Duke Super Slow Motion Bowling Release (So Smooth!)

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By popular demand, I give you here Norm Duke SUPER SLOW MOTION Bowling Release (So Smooth!) at the PBA World Series of Bowling XI (2020).

Many of us love watching the LEGEND Norm Duke. I have personally enjoyed watching him for as long as I have a memory of PBA TV Shows.
Watch Norm Duke's previous slow motion compilation video here:

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Norm Duke is considered a legend in the sport of Bowling and captured his first title at the age of 18! He has an iconic "Duuuuuuuuke" the crowd yells when he throws the ball on PBA TV Shows.

Duke has 40 PBA Tour among other major international awards. He has earned, to date, over $3.600,000 at the PBA Tour alone. Norm bowls for Storm Bowling.

Norm Duke has also 73 PBA Career Perfect 300 Games! How about that?
He has been at the PBA since 1982 and still gets titles teaching everyone how it's done. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

5 Comments on “Norm Duke Super Slow Motion Bowling Release (So Smooth!)”

  1. Freaking love the slow-mo of dukes swing. My swing is so much like his. This also helps me to make sure my swing is right. I always thought I was rolling my elbow to soon/much.

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