27 Comments on “Norm Duke’s 300 Game”

    1. Not to mention there was a time that there was NO bonus for a 300. (Michelle Feldman in 1997, the first ever by a woman)…………

    1. Johnnie C: I was Wondering the same thing,, the shot is obviously on the outside, and Walter is playing inside ??? 🙄

    1. josh eldridge pressure happens… happened to me today with a 288 game had the front ten and got nerves hit so it happens to everyone but it happens for a reason

  1. The 3 300 games rolled against WRW on TV is a testament to how good Jr. is. Good bowlers bring out the best in others.

  2. I wish they’d bring back that old scoreboard. I know its probably old and klunky compared to what they use now but the image of that board when Duke is on the front 11 looks amazing

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