Osku Palermaa Punishes the 3 Pin Posing as a 10 Pin

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Watch Osku's unfortunate strike attempt:

Following a brutal bad break in which the 3 pin went into the channel and stood back up near the 10 pin's spot, Osku Palermaa lets his feelings be known with a 30-mile-per-hour spare shot.

From the PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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24 Comments on “Osku Palermaa Punishes the 3 Pin Posing as a 10 Pin”

  1. I see just the 10 pin. Where does it show the 3 pin moving into the 10 pin spot? What am I missing?

  2. One time i threw a ball at 21.0 mph, hit 2-4 and after it left 1-3-6, but then out of no where a pin goes flying stupid fast and hits the back right of the 6 pin, knocking down the 3, then the 1

  3. I could only imagine the video if that guy hit the 10-pin, it bounces around, then stands right back up on the three pin spot as it sticks it tongue back at ya (ha ha)

  4. Even tho this is one of the fastest throws, it barely makes a impact when touching the floor. Meanwhile, every time Belmonte throws a shot I cringe at the sound the ball makes when hitting the ground

  5. The announcer said “here comes the O-1” how is that possible when his first throw was clearly not a strike!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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