Osku Palermaa Shatters Pins For 300 At The 2020 PBA Hall Of Fame Classic

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Watch the final three shots of Osku Palermaa's 300 game during the final round of match play at the 2020 PBA Hall of Fame Classic.


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29 Comments on “Osku Palermaa Shatters Pins For 300 At The 2020 PBA Hall Of Fame Classic”

    1. @Joseph Caliendo hes having little injury and he didnt want more injury. so he switched. He still does it, but only when he have big4 combinations or 7-10.

    2. @TheEhodge he could still have a ball though with a thumb in it, but I’m guessing he doesn’t want that taking up a space in his bag

    3. @TheEhodge. He has an injury and he didn’t wanna make it worse. He could still throw fastballs but only at huge splits.

    1. @Straight2Sleeve Straight2Sleeve no my center oils whenever they feel like it.

      They rarely feel like it LOL.

    1. thats why you have no bowling vids on your youtube. im going to assume you are a feminine that can’t hook the ball in general

    2. Although I am not a fan of two-handed, this comment is uncalled for. He CAN turn the ball with one hand more than most people – so can Belmo. I have seen it. Don’t be fooled by this….

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