20 Comments on “Osku Palermaa v Pete Weber. Weber Cup 2008”

  1. i wish i could get that little hopstep down when i try bowling 2 handed. i just converted from righty to lefty and eventually wanna try 2 handed once i get conventional down pat. it’s amazing how easy osku makes 2 handed look when he’s on and i wanna be the left handed version of him someday.

  2. that would be fun to watch, belmonte is better known in america i think, but osku seems to be a little better from what i’ve seen online and on tv. plus osku looks to have the power advantage and can bowl with one hand pretty good too.

  3. couldn’t tell u that, i’ve only seen belmo on the pba once so far, which he won, other than that all i’ve seen from him is stuff on youtube, just the same as i’ve seen from osku, i have no real idea who’s the better, i just think from watching so many video’s of each on here, osku looked to have the slight edge, i wish they both bowled a lot more on tv here so i could have a better opinion really

  4. Two handed bowling does actually give people that do it both ways much more consistency and accuracy.

    I’m one handed but my friend is two handed and he’s a machine

  5. Pete Weber didn’t miss the pocket once except for his last shot, he just got a bit unlucky with the 10 pin :/

    Still great game for Palermaa though

  6. I am a good bowler but i know any pro bowler or bowling legend would destroy me.  I wouldn’t be humiliated i would be honored to even be able to go 10 frames with them!

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