Packy Hanrahan Throws Clutch Strike To Secure Spot Inside Scorpion Cut

In the final game of qualifying at the 2022 PBA Scorpion Championship, Packy Hanrahan tosses a clutch strike to secure his spot inside the cut number.

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11 Comments on “Packy Hanrahan Throws Clutch Strike To Secure Spot Inside Scorpion Cut”

  1. Nothing against Packy but whomever chose to use the word “clutch”

    He made a shot that could have easily left a weak 7 pin.

    That’s not clutch, that’s luck.

    Yeah it’s great for Packy, but what about for whomever just missed the cut?

    1. you dont understand how easy it is for a great shot to still leave 9😂 especially when you have as little margin for error as there is out there, even A+ shots can leave 9, or have late falls like this

    2. @SheloveT0MMY I assume you mean leave 1. If you are leaving 9, that’s bad.

      If you are throwing a great shot, it is NOT easy to leave 1. It does happen but not often.

    3. ummmm yes it was clutch, he needed a strike to make the cut, he threw a great shot and struck. The 7 pin fell because he threw a good shot, not because of “Luck”.

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