PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #21 – Final ABC Broadcast

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In 1997, the PBA St. Clair Classic was the last Pro Bowlers Tour event televised by ABC Sports, ending a 36-year run. The title match between Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Pete Weber was won by Williams, 206-195, and included an emotional farewell video tribute to ABC announcers Nelson “Bo” Burton Jr. and Chris Schenkel who broke down in tears at the end of the telecast.

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24 Comments on “PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #21 – Final ABC Broadcast”

  1. The beginning of the end……10 years later we have announcers screaming “HAMBONE” AND “WENT OUT FOR CHEESEBURGER AND FRIES, AND CAME BACK WITH STEAK AND BAKED POTATO.” the broadcast used to be classy

    1. Hoss Perot Damn HEY! Let’s get off moms….i just got off yours. Also way to keep it “classy” 😂

    2. I agree, the BS that Randy Pedersen comes up with bug the heck out of me. I’d like to see Marshall Holman take his place.

    3. Sundowner So to summarize, professional bowling today is just gimmicks? If that’s what I think you meant, that sounds about right and I agree totally with you.

    4. I never thought I would say this but the LPBA and College bowling broadcasts are so much better/classier than the PBA. No one will ever beat the ABC sports broadcasts. The LPBA and College at least have the right Idea.

  2. Still makes my eyes water. I grew up watching them nearly religiously from about ’74 until the end. PBA telecasts have never been the same.

  3. The end of an era on ABC. I wonder what ESPN’s final PBA broadcast is going to be like? They had pro bowling for 30+ years.

    1. TPG Unsafe No! ESPN is losing the rights to the PBA Tour to Fox. As well as CBS Sports Network to Fox.

  4. This bowling center in 1997 look like in this local bowling center the very rough lanes. So, the ABC used to popular back old time.

  5. What did ABC replace the PBA tour with? Not hearing Chris Schenkel’s voice every Saturday was depressing 🙁 RIP Chris!

  6. While I dont hate Rob Stone and Randy Pedersen. I do kind of miss that old school, low-key broadcasting that does not rely on raw, misplaced energy to entertain the viewers. I do really enjoy it when Dave Lamont fills in for rob.

  7. This is the longest running spinoff from Wide World of Sports, in 1961 a Bowling event got good ratings, and the head of the PBA was able to nicotinate a deal to carry the organization on ABC.

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