PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #37 – Weber Completes Second Triple Crown

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber became the first player to complete the PBA Triple Crown for a second time when he defeated Jason Belmonte, 224-179, to win the 2013 PBA Tournament of Champions at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis. The win also set the record for the oldest player to win the TOC at age 50.

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34 Comments on “PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #37 – Weber Completes Second Triple Crown”

    1. @Harry S What he MEANT to say was “Who do you think you are for rooting against me, because I’m the man of this tournament”

  1. Looks like Weber’s ball is going to cross over the head but it just locks in. Perfect shot

  2. This is one of my favorite matches.
    -Pete being Pete
    -Belmo playing that extreme gutter loft shot that’s epic to watch.
    -That split in the 7th.
    -The positivity and sportsmanship between the two.

    1. Belmonte totally slighted Webber at the end! There must have been some animosity between them at that time.

    2. He had been smiling during the previous match against Rash, maybe he was still feeling the pride from beating his rival lol

  3. the beauty of Weber’s ball hook and then stop in the pocket is just incredible. BMs ball just hooks and he hopes it hits the pocket. Look at their hits. BM gets more splits than anyone because his ball has too much power and hook. Weber gets taps. BM gets splits. Why? Because the one hand release is classic. BM is just about accuracy which is great but Weber can scramble the pins with correct velocity more often.

  4. Arguably one of the Greatest bowlers of all time!! His ball control is off the chart!!
    Congrats Pete on an awesome career… 🎳

  5. Pete is in the top 5 all time, most talented ever to bowl, if not for his own demons he probably wins 50 instead of 37 or 38

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