PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #5 – Pete Weber Wins Fifth U.S. Open

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In 2012, with a strike on his final shot, Pete Weber became the first player to win five U.S. Open/BPAA All Star titles, defeating Mike Fagan, 215-214, at Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, N.J. The shot prompted him to utter the phrase, “Who Do You Think You Are? I Am!” The catch phrase became an instant hit in bowling and pop culture, and inspired an ESPN 30 for 30 Short film.

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28 Comments on “PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #5 – Pete Weber Wins Fifth U.S. Open”

  1. should be 1. no moment more well known by bowling fans and just the general public than this.

    1. People can say what they want to about Pete Weber, but look at the enormous amount of pressure that he’s under, every time that he steps up to bowl. The pressure has to be overwhelming. He may be one of the bad boys of Bowling, but, in a way, he has the right to be! Go get ’em, Pete Weber! You’ve got plenty of us that support you!

  2. Pete Weber is the best professional bowler of all time. Yes, Anthony and Williams Jr had all those titles (they come in 2-3) but Weber has adapted to every condition and every ball change and made it work – from Urethane to Reactive. He has been a factor ever since he came on scene in the early 80s and still a factor today. Considering he has had suspensions, drug problems, and two nasty divorces, he has still been able to put together great bowling year after year after year. His high track and side rotation makes it possible for him to hook the entire lane with half the revs the young people put on and keeps it under control – not to mention a great spare shooter. He has it all – and to me he is the best ever.

    1. On top of that. Belmonte doesnt keep in every tournament because HES FROM AUSTRALIA. That’s why he has so many majors and not as many regular titles is because during a few of those seasons he didnt compete in the regular tournaments .

    2. @Mines116 But there are multiple types of personalities, for every Lavoie there is a PDW.

      Emotion is emotion, we all handle and process things differently. It’s good to have a variety of personalities on tour and let them shine through.

    3. @Mines116 and u had to edit it?!
      Are U a sportsman?!
      I don’t think U are, he’s just being competitive there’s nothing wrong with it…

  3. this guy aint got nothing on Earl Strickland though… Same types of characters but damn, Earl is crazyer 😀

  4. I’ve never considered that after a win like that, the entire left crowd pondered who they thought they were… and it turns out they concluded that they were all Pete Weber. Pete Weber is who they must now think they are. Thats at least 79 Pete Weber’s. The video you watched went from .28% Pete Webers all the way up to 34% Pete Webers all because of one strike.

  5. What does ‘who do you think you are I am’ mean? Serious question. Or did he just say something that he didn’t mean to say?

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