PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #6 – Earl Anthony Reaches $1M in Earnings

Earl Anthony won the 1982 PBA National Championship for the fifth time to become the first player in PBA history to surpass $1 million in career earnings. Anthony would finish his career with 43 titles (second on the all-time titles list) and 10 majors (tied with Pete Weber for the most major titles).

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27 Comments on “PBA 60th Anniversary Most Memorable Moments #6 – Earl Anthony Reaches $1M in Earnings”

    1. Anthony won more championships is the fewest amount of time than anyone else, against quality competition.

  1. A lot of unnecessary hate for Pete, who is a very complicated, and misunderstood person. Yes, it’s self-inflicted, but unless you’ve battled addiction and/or alcoholism you cannot understand what he has gone through. I’m in recovery myself (sober for over 15 years), and it’s a day to day situation where you have to stay on top of your program. I don’t wish this on anyone, but you simply cannot understand it unless you’ve been there. I’ve never really been a bowling fan of Pete, even though I watched him when he first made an appearance on TV when he was one of the young power players to come into the league. But, I appreciate what he’s accomplished in the sport and I sure can relate to what he’s gone through, and has come out the other side alive and productive in society. Congratulations Pete.

  2. I would love to see an Earl Anthony documentary. There just isnt much out there except he was recruited by the baltimore orioles and he tried the tour once and failed and came back two years later. He was just so dominant in the sport. I would love to see interviews about him before everyone dies like Mark Roth and Marshall Holman. Plus a bit more about his crazy untimely death.

    1. Timothy Duzenski, a new book came out late in 2019, “Earl The Greatest Bowler Of All Time” by Barry Sparks. I didn’t see it available on Amazon, but there is a website to order it from, just Google it. I think it’s around $30.00. Got mine for half price on E-bay, may want to check there.

  3. I never get tired of watching the films of this match. I was a young adult at the time and Earl was my idol from my middle teens on. I still have a picture taken with him at the Long Island Open a few years before this. He averaged 223 that week in Akron on a lacquer condition and before the era of friendly lane conditions and juiced bowling balls. It is somewhat ironic that if it wasn’t for Steve Cook, he would have been north of 45 victories. He WAS the greatest of all time.

  4. Earl Anthony is the best left handed bowler ever. I got to see him in person bowl and boy his delivery is so smooth and deadly accurate. He left us too soon.

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