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    1. @rowlffffff if you have a lot of side axis rotation like Pete Weber you can leave stone 9 on a flush hit. Notice how he gets more carry with light or high flush hits.

    2. @Io Fleming A solid 8 is a textbook “perfect” shot in terms of angle but does not account for ball roll and pin deflection.

    1. I work at a bowling alley and I saw one of the bowlers throw Right in the pocket a little high so the three pin comes off the sideboard and hits the six the seven was already out of the equation but the six pin slides all the way across the pin deck and stands up right next to the seven spot far enough that the pinsetter went out of range. Mind you these are Brunswick armor plate fiber pin decks so they’re slippery as hell. I have never seen a pin slide and not wobble as it moved that far across the lane in my life that’s the only time I’ve seen anything like that. Literally the six became the seven!

    2. I bowled every Thursday in college and one time (it was either the 5 or 8 pin but this was years ago I can’t remember) the same thing happened only it kept going and the only reason it fell over was because it made it just far enough to fall into the opposite gutter

    1. My (drunk af) dad was there somewhere bottom right corner lmao, said that nobody would get in the elevator w Walter Ray after he lost cause he was so irate

    2. @TayWoodz after that I can totally see why but that comment by Randy was seriously messed up but at the same time I’m not going to lie pretty funny LOL

  1. 3:26 as a mechanic at a bowling alley I always tell people it’s that damn deck spray 😂😂. (Deck spray makes the pins stick to the floor better so pins don’t fall so easy) it

    1. Cursed_Miatata My dad and I were watching matches back to back and every time he came around we just kept cracking hair jokes 😂

    1. First probably a really aggressive ball. Then starting way left, aim center and putting enough spin on it.

  2. 5:58 “Oh my god that’s a loser!” that got a good laugh out of me. dang man that’s bit harsh don’t you think?

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