PBA Bad Breaks, Shots and Mistakes 2

We all envy the success of the pros from the tour but what about when they cost themselves a match? Or maybe a major title? PBA Bad Breaks, Shots, and Mistakes 2 is here to continue its predecessor's success!

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37 Comments on “PBA Bad Breaks, Shots and Mistakes 2”

    1. @Nguboi he lacks sufficient side rotation, and can’t carry light mixers as well as Pete Weber or Tommy Jones

    1. yeah and people called him a bad sport for not shaking his hand but it’s really one of those WTF moments where he really feels bad

  1. I remember when all the pros missed those easy spares in that year of the PBA League. Randy was just done. LMAO

    1. I dont think hes liked very much on tour. Would love to beat him straight up and say hard work beats talent to his face

    1. Totally agree: I understand he’s got a ‘big’ personality, but that was a downright disrespectful and obnoxious thing to say. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. I used to be friends with him and he is a very selfish and self-centered person from what I’ve experienced and i don’t kept contact with him anymore

    1. I kinda weird to my eyes seeing Walter’s Spare Ball rolled in reverse a bit as it goes to the 10 Pin

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