PBA Bad Breaks, Shots and Mistakes 4

Professional bowlers are always given a supposedly easy expectation: STRIKE. Watch the moments where those expectations weren't exactly met in the most unlucky or worse ways possible. In the third
installment of the series, we will see a lot more stone 8/9 pins than any other part we've ever seen. Enjoy it!
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28 Comments on “PBA Bad Breaks, Shots and Mistakes 4”

  1. Hey BP, will there be a part four to messengers and lucky strikes, and will there be a part three to splits and washouts

  2. 7:43 If you look really closely, you can see his thumb stuck SO hard on that one. He even said, “it just didn’t come off.”

  3. 1:18 For context this was the Motel 6 roll to riches qualifying. Low count gets eliminated. Jaros was the last shot of the round, at the time Barnes was the low count of 9. That’s why Barnes had that reaction. Barnes went on to win the event for $100,000.

  4. I built a ball return at home so I could kick it every time I watch this and other bad breaks videos!

  5. I was curious if you were going to find clips from this year’s Tour Finals. EJ had a foul and 2 count, or 2 count and foul. Not to mention AJ Chapman’s 2 count and miss

  6. All the solid 9 pin (8 pin for lefties) aren’t bad breaks. It’s having too much entry angle and the ball pushes right through the 5 pin instead if deflecting off of it. The 8-10s/7-9s/7-10s you could also aren’t bad breaks, ball doesn’t pick up early enough especially throwing urethane. All the stone 8s/9s(left) is probably close to a bad break but technically I wouldn’t say it is, but the change you’d have to make is so tedious I’d say it is. All the fouls and throwing the ball into the soup and get 3, I haven’t seen much of though so I liked that part of the video.

  7. There are so many “solid” 8 and 9 pins nowadays that I no longer think of it as a bad break. The game has changed so much that my thinking has changed with it. This is what happens with the mix of modern balls, pins, synth lanes and walled oil patterns. Decades ago it was the weak 10 and the 8-10 split, nowadays you’ve got your eight and nine pins. Hit high flush with insane ball speed and too much entry angle and you’ve got to live with the results.

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