18 Comments on “PBA Bowlers Backswing (Analyze the Pros)”

  1. Gotta love these sweet backs swings ! Josh Blanchard has one of the smoothest form on tour. Sad hear about his retirement….

  2. With the exception of a few bowlers, most were in the box and kept it in line with their head. Even the ones who didn’t still lined up at the bottom of the swing and have great touch. Rhino’s game is I say the best to model for anyone left or right handed. Add some power to that game and you got a winning bowler.

  3. I’m disappointed you dont have more of these… the likes of Chris Barnes, Pete Weber to name a couple.

  4. I personally think that Barnes, Prather, O’Neil, Kent, and Sherman have some of the best releases ever.

  5. And then there’s Brandon Novak…

    If his backswing was included, the box would have to be as wide as a square

  6. Wish I had Kyle Sherman’s backswing, mine is more like Ryan Shafer, mainly due to arm injury and lack of flexibility.

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