21 Comments on “PBA Bowling All Star Clash 11 29 2020 (HD)”

  1. *Hey what a nice surprise, didn’t expect this video.
    Thanks as always Bosoares from Manchester, England.*

  2. Danielle was super, super clutch for the entire competition until that last shot. She had put every ball in the pocket, most of them dead flush. I totally expected her to end Norm’s day. Just goes to show nobody’s perfect. Petey threw a brooklyn strike. Belmo threw one brooklyn, and on this last shot Danielle also missed way left. BTW, Shark Prather, even without having to bowl, won money by being on Malott’s team, lol. What a nice couple of years for Chris.

  3. thanks for upload this, hearbreak over ma grl D-Mc … so clutch until she miss the 1-3 pocket just by inches … impresseve none the last.

    1. Know what you mean, was pulling for him also! The pressure seemed to get to him on that last shot? Not one of his best shots in a pressure situation. Norm & me are the same age. Have been following his career since his win in the Cleveland Open back in the spring of 1983. Duke is truly one of the GREATS!

  4. Danielle did so good feel bad she didn’t make it to the finals there was alot of high pressure shots she made.

  5. Tried to watch this yesterday and my DVR didnt record the whole thing. Thanks for posting.

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