21 Comments on “PBA Bowling Barbasol Tour Finals Stepladder Group 1 07 21 2019 (HD)”

  1. Keep it going brother🙏🏽 I’m thankful i bumped into your channel a long time ago and straight away subscribed

  2. I, have a question. If I’m not mistaken, Belmo has some tape in the thumb hole on his strike ball. If he doesn’t put his thumb in the ball…why does he have it there?

    1. it’s for when he lefts the ball using his thumb. if you constantly lift it using your thumb it starts to hurt after awhile. that’s why he uses the tape

  3. 20:43 4-7-9 split conversion
    1:07:18 bad break (2-8-10 split)
    1:08:45 Deadwood
    1:15:28 Are you kidding me? (7-10 split)

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