30 Comments on “PBA Bowling CP3 Celebrity Invitational 02 03 2019 (HD)”

    1. The Insane Shecklador you might be right but I’m comparing the revs I see to mine which are around 400 rpm. I didn’t catch PDWs numbers but there is no way in hell he revs more than me. I will have to rewatch some of his throws to check. But previous weeks it has made sense. Most 2 handers are 500-600 rpm so I assumed it was working correct. On this show, mookie definitely is 400-500 rpm. Not sure about Chris Paul.

  1. JJ WATT should definitely cast full time on the PBA tour. Retire from football and be a PBA commentator. Lmao.

    1. Bowling is a feel sport. One can bowl with whatever fingers they want. I have had to do that also when my usual bowling fingers were too calloused. Didn’t do much for my game but I was still bowling.

  2. 1:02:38 “Norm, as great as he is, has a hard time keeping up on the regular tour these days.”
    Aaaand he goes out and gets back-to-back titles.

    1. Well Norm did win two back-to-back dual patterns. i love Norm but it was because one of the two patterns gave his opponents a hard time

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