27 Comments on “PBA Bowling Hall of Fame Classic 01 06 2019 (HD)”

  1. Very sad about Jacob. Back-to-back first seed and loss(. But a lot of tournaments still to play. Hope, Jacob will grab some of them

    1. kevbo1756 what I mean is like he’s not like a big favorite of mine but he is one of those bowlers I respect and have fun watching out on the lanes.

  2. I’m really digging the new Fox Sports PBA. Presentation is leaps and bounds better than ESPN.

    Congratulations Bill! Love the trash talk with Belmo!

    1. Everything’s great but I wish they’d have shown their handshake at the end of the match (heck, they even cut Belmo’s split attempt early). For the banter of course

    2. @Aun Lakhani You make a good point. Bill and Belmo were just joking around (thus the unnecessary rerack), showing the handshake would’ve showed good sportsmanship. Overall a great presentation.

  3. Was great seeing Bo again. A truly nice guy and a legend for his bowling and announcing over the years.

  4. WoW, Oneal deserved that one. I never seen such determination, He even made a clutch decision to switch balls. I wish I had that type of luxury but I am working with a spare ball and strike ball right now only. To be honest I like that form he had a lot and i am going to roll with it myself and see how it goes.

  5. 3:03 oh man, what a serious world!!! You have to get through Jason in order to play Jakob (and that’s not to mention beating Jesper or Rhino to get 4th or 5th spots. We got a great start to the season here, wonder if I will even come in near the top 120 next year.

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