PBA Bowling Hall of Fame Classic 01 19 2020 (HD)

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This show was televised on Fox Sports. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.

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40 Comments on “PBA Bowling Hall of Fame Classic 01 19 2020 (HD)”

  1. Folks, this show went over the allotted time on FS1 by about 20 minutes. Their replay on FS2 (which is what I can upload) was cropped to fit the 2 hour window. So the 1st match is missing the second half of it as well as some of the things going on between matches, those were cropped. Nothing I can do about it, I’m uploading the video as they showed on FS2.

    1. I dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. Just google for it 😉

  2. Thanks for posting but thanks to other YouTube channels spoiling it in their title I already know who won.

  3. I love the bowling community. I’ve been a tommy jones fan ever since I got into bowling. Now that he got inducted into the hall of fame and now shot 300 to win his 20th title people all of a sudden pretend they’ve always been fans just to act cool. It’s so annoying. Real tommy jones fans have been fans even when he doesn’t win.

    1. To be honest you sound like a guy who just hopped onto the TJ bandwagon, is afraid of being called a bandwagoner, and so you call out other fans for hopping on. Any one who has followed the PBA for the last 20-30 years know who the best bowlers are, and TJ is one of the main powerhouses of American bowling. I don’t know these guys you are describing who just suddenly became Jones fans. I knew about TJ and every great bowler in today’s PBA. But then so does every other bowler who watches the PBA. Where exactly are you finding these “bandwagon fans” who just found out about TJ and are trying to be cool? How do you know they just hopped on board and have not been following TJ’s entire career? How can they be “so annoying” when you have no way of telling if anyone is a lifelong fan or is just hopping on this week to the Jones bandwagon?

  4. The things TJ was first to do this year
    -shoot 300 (not just tv)
    -win a title
    -become a hall of famer

    What a chad

    1. Osku can do anything with a bowling ball and I mean anything. I have seen him shoot one handed left-handed, pick up any split from any side or difficulty. He is an artist with the ball.

    2. Belmonte took a little power out of his footwork to become more solid at the line witch made him more accurate. Osku would work on that he would win many titles.

    3. @mpup54 I’m surprised with how much talent that he has and what he can do with a bowling ball he’s not out there winning with Jason belmonte

  5. Best televised matches I have seen in a long time. So happy to see my top 2 favourite players (#1 Barnes, #2 Jones). ✌️

  6. I must have watched the championship match like 5 times now.. just the best feel good game ever! Both VitaminD Tang and TJ should be proud <3

  7. Absolutely love everything about PBA tour it never gets old. Glad randy is still with us it’s back baby and better then ever I love all players but lovely to hear Jason belmonte 🎳🎳🎳✌💚

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