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    1. @mpup54 because certain bowlers have a style that is timeless. Bowling styles aside, success on competition patterns comes from superb accuracy and excellent shot repitition.

    1. Is he sick? What does he mean by trying to get us all riled up??? Will he not reach 56? or 57? and if he wins will he quit???

  1. It was a great show with a mixture of old and new. It was like stepping back in time. Norm Duke is one of my favorites growing up, and it was so nice to see him win again!

  2. Hey look a old fashioned straight bowler beating what everyone calls unfair in the 2 handed style. Imagine just trying to get better instead of complaining.

    1. Norm has always had a hooked ball. he’s really never been a straight bowler and still isn’t tbh but it’s definitely not as hooked as it used to be because of his age. how much hook can you hope for when you’re 55

    1. Wes Malot being on the telecast was also quite the story that got overshadowed. He is no spring chicken either

  3. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!! Talk about legends, Norm Duke will always be my favorite bowler and he will always be my inspiration to never give up! I have watched him bowl ever since I can remember watching TV as a little kid, and I’ve always wanted to be even half as good as him. I’ve practiced hard and have developed my throw almost exclusively around his, even going as far as throwing around the same mark as him (opposite though, since I’m left handed). Norm has always been my role model in sportsmanship, and performing well under pressure, and if I can even be half as good as he is, I’d be a lucky man. Great job Norm, you’ve earned it! I hope you get into the TV finals next time the PBA tour comes to Ohio so I can meet my favorite bowler of all time! Let’s go for 40+ titles, Norm!! Last but not least, hats off to Belmo for a great game, and great job to Rhino, Wes, and Tom for making it to the TV finals and bowling their best!

  4. Man, what a match! I’m a Belmo fan, no doubt about that, but how could you not be happy for Norm Duke after that match? To see how much this win meant to him, is priceless. I’ve watched him bowl for what seems like forever, and I will admit, I teared up when he dropped 8 pins in the 10th frame to win his 39th title. What a special moment for him and his fans! Congratulations Norm! You absolutely deserve it!

  5. A couple of good things happened on this show….(1) Norm wins 39th title and (2) Rob Stone (and his lame-assed bowling terms) was not commentating.

    A very good week. Congrats Norm!

  6. THANK YOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! I dont have that channel so missed it…so happy to now be able to watch the entire match!!! Love DUKE!!!!!!

  7. Consider this. Norm Duke’s been around long enough to have actually bowled against Earl Anthony on TV, which he did in the first match in the TV finals when he won for the first time all the way back in 1983. And as this upload proves, he’s still winning.

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