25 Comments on “PBA Bowling King of the Lanes – Day 1 07 20 2020 (HD)”

    1. I never went anywhere, we just didn’t have bowling for a long time due to the pandemic. I’m glad to see it back on TV.

  1. Always respected Duke for being a great Pro and good Person! Congratulations!!!!!! I’ll type it in Russian , Simonson( довыёбовался)

  2. Deliver four hambones to Rob Stone, and let’s crack open a six pack for Norm Duke! Great bowling everyone, and may you all have a rocking evening!

  3. Thanks for posting! Appreciate it! My idol norm duke and my other favorite bowler Wes Malott. Both whom I was lucky to get pictures with at a clinic in east haven Connecticut a couple years ago.

  4. Thank you for posting. Are you posting the previous tournaments from days before these shows? Apologies for curiosity.

    1. I’m trying but due to the length of those shows (4 and 5 hours) and the amount of commercials (more than 20 per show), my computer is struggling to save the video once I crop all the commercials out, it freezes and forces me to reboot it. I will try once more, I’ve already tried twice.

  5. Kimberly lookin thicker than a snicker during quarantine lol 😝The bowlings great too loved every minute!

  6. Thank You for the upload of the King of the Lanes… Since I missed it on Fox… Hope you got the 2020 PBA Tour Finals 🙏🏼👍🏽😊👌🏽🙏🏼

    1. Romeo Itchon I have it but I’m struggling saving the video after removing commercials. The shows were 4 and 5 hours long and had more than 20 commercials each. Once I remove them and try to save, my computer freezes. Just too large of a video (~12GB). I saw other channels posted it so you can still watch it on YT.

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