22 Comments on “PBA Bowling King of the Lanes – Day 2 07 21 2020 (HD)”

  1. Yay! Thanks so much for uploading these! Appreciate you! I love bowling myself. My idol is the king of the lanes now norm duke. Was fortunate to meet him twice. Once at my home center for bowl with the pros. My dad bought a ball and had him sign it. The same one he was using that day. A T-shirt signed by him I was wearing. Also went to a clinic And got a picture taken with him which was sadly blurry. That’s the last time I saw him. Also got a great picture with the former king Wes Malott. Also got a picture with Tommy Delutz Jr so that was pretty cool. And got a picture with my boy at the time Michael Fagan. Now that was pretty freaking sweet! Haven’t seen Michael in years. Wonder whatever happened to him?

  2. Miss the ten pin and then pretend like it was thumb problem n then not do anything to it ..glad they use excuses too

  3. I really feel Rash’s pain here. I’ve a dodgy back and just push through it because I love to bowl. I recently set My PB scratch game and series.

  4. PBA gotta think twice about the crown costume. It just makes me think about the king of the fool costume..

  5. Dammit Butturff want you to do well and live long time little bro, watch the weight. Really like you, worries me no troll. Great show

  6. Wow, they got fat!
    Prather put on 10 lbs, Kimberly 20 lbs and Butturff at least 50 lbs!
    The Pandemic is not treating them well.
    Butturff better lay off the Mountain Dew and Junk Food or he will not be around to win the tournaments his skill deserves.

    1. I suspect a lot of the bowlers who watched this video put on 15-30 lbs too. All I know is that when I step on my talking scale, it just chortles.

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