23 Comments on “PBA Bowling King of the Lanes – Day 3 07 22 2020 (HD)”

    1. Weber is always entertaining on the boards.

      Love seeing GG Mason out there doing so well. Serious talent, and plenty of career to keep building on that talent

  1. P.S, this channel is the truth. Much love and thanks for what you do for the bowling community.

  2. Prather is scary good right now. But when 28 yr old Prather went up against HOF 57 yr old legend, PDW, he called him “SIR”. That’s respect.

    1. I assume you watched with no sound? They said that if the gold pin lands as pin 1 and the bowler gets a strike, the gobowling.com will give a free game of bowling to everyone that signed up in their website. Good luck finding an open bowling alley in your area 🙂

  3. Oh man… I like both guys,,, I know who wins before actually watching this… I hope it’s as close as my imagination creates…

  4. Mason’s jersey is really cool looking. Glad to see women holding their own against the guys. Bowling should be a COED sport.

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