27 Comments on “PBA Bowling League Carter Division Semifinals 09 28 2020 (HD)”

  1. Thanks for getting this up! I couldn’t get the Carter semi finals up bc of issues with the Hitmen vs. Rollers match!

  2. Commentary…”You any idea where Feltham, England is?”
    Me…”I’m from England and even I don’t know.”🙄

    1. apparently they dont get what they are for. I agree, leave em on or you can put the aerosol in the air, where it can hover for quite a duration on the same lanes everyone is using.

  3. The women’s team had a solid roster except for Johnson, which her game was garbage. Kim Terrell-Kearney should have put her bowling shoes on and pulled Johnson. It would have been a much closer match. The second match was awesome! Regardless, it was good watching the bowlers rolling again. Thanks.

  4. I don’t get it. Are the other teams being knocked out off camera? Because I don’t ever recall seeing L.A.X loosing a match. Did you not get to upload all the footage?

    1. Yes, there is one show which won’t have a replay on FS2 until this Saturday so once that’s available I’ll upload. Only one show missing.

    1. is there something going on with your computer? May be time to replace it if its old seeing as how all the captures ahve similar glitches, missing frames

    2. @bosoares i’m watching the cheetah show live now on FS1 and its aspect ratio is actually messed up. you can see sometimes when they go to commercial the camera feed pops back into its correct aspect ratio. weird.

    3. @mpup54 I’ve tried different computers, they all do it. It must be the software I use. But I don’t want to invest much time researching for different ways to do this as I get $0 for my work and it’s not worth it for me to spend more time doing this.

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