29 Comments on “PBA Bowling League Championship 09 30 2020 (HD)”

  1. Will you be posting the scorpion championship too with Danielle McEwan? Thanks so much for uploading!

    1. yes, I have Scorpion, Cheetah, and Chameleon scheduled to record and will upload only those have replayed on FS2.

  2. Great finals!! He didn’t have his best night, but when it’s crunch time, I would never want to go up against Prather. That man is not called the Shark for nothing. Seems he just keeps winning. Super impressive. I think he’s got that clutch gene for sure. Feel bad for A.J.. Johnson. Did he ever NOT strike? Just threw perfect ball after perfect ball, but it’s a team game and his team wasn’t as good on this night. Really enjoyable watching this. Thanks for the upload as always!!

    1. Ironfangzu Prather is a negative overly-sensitive bowler, I am honestly always disgusted by him
      Him and Anthony S. are the only 2 bowlers I despise and have ever despised

    1. I saw him vary between the new Forge (I believe it’s Forge Flight?) and a Jackal. I don’t recall seeing him using a Supra but maybe. The Motiv staffers also used a new Venom.

    2. @Alexander Worschech I believe it will be called Venom Fatal. It’s lime green color with some silver as well.

  3. Hope that this finals will give some lessons to a cocky players out there. I liked the calmness of the Lumberjack team. They deserved to be a back to back champion

  4. Great show Bo! I really appreciate you helping me to catch up on the season. You’ve got a new subscriber outta me. Thanks again!

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