25 Comments on “PBA Bowling League Quarterfinals Week 1 04 17 2016 (HD)”

    1. +Ivo Fretes No, Brazilian. But I’ve been living in the US for a while. I do speak Portuguese though.

    2. +bosoares Obrigado pelos vídeos, sempre vamos matando a saudade deste desporto que tanto gostamos 😉 continua 😉

    1. +jace welsh same goes for big nasty. They are great people for not cheering for other’s misfortune

  1. Thank you for posting! I’d be willing to bet the AS VS KP wasn’t even close to random. PBA wants some fresh blood in the finals this year.

  2. Dude @ 42:40 can at least say he was denied by PDW on National TV…’Who do you think you are?!’ Yea, we all know rest! Just gotta say Szerbinski USA chants seemed to really throw Jesper off his game, NOT! Weak Sauce…

  3. I’m starting to feel that the most powerful player here is Randy Peterson. The moment he said consecutive spares PDW missed it. And I don’t need to tell ya how many times in other shows when Randy said this guy is an absolute beast/talent during the approach and that guy would immediately go through the nose with some epic splits.

  4. Is there any footage of these guys trying candlepin bowling when they come up to do this league?

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