20 Comments on “PBA Bowling League Semifinals 05 01 2016 (HD)”

  1. STONE 8 for Blanchard, bad memories for me (Randy Pedersen)….Jajajaja….YOU´R GREAT!!!!

  2. Somewhere after that shot @ 1:22:09, Big Ern is screaming out a ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!’

  3. Ronnie has wayy to much ego, he looked like he was going to start crying after TJ threw the last shot haha

  4. At 44:10, does anyone know what Ciminelli said? Was he even talking? I heard “… I wanna anchor” from someone there.

  5. Norm duke is fu–ing awesome. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone with that accuracy and repetion of shots…

  6. I cheer for Kingpins to move on to the Elias and I cheer for Strikers to win Muscle to move on to the Elias

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