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  1. Attention viewers in Australia and New Zealand. This video is blocked in your countries, I’m sorry about that. Because of the stupid music they play in the background, there was a copyright claim that blocks the video in those 2 countries.

    1. @Cameron Morgan Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll have to check it out on TV and see if the same happens there too.

    1. @Mando Tv if only Brad would stop playing around and really take this bowling serious. Again in get out of his own way.

    2. Brad’s going to win his first title very soon. He’s had a great year and he’s so much fun to watch. <3

  2. Really appreciate you uploading these, it’s pretty much the only way to watch some good bowling in Germany 😀

    1. Frankie…I just commented on this above. I’m going to copy it here. You are 100% correct.

      I’ve known Sean since before we were teenagers. I always hoped he would grow out of the arrogance & get rid of the chip on his shoulder. I’ve refused to watch him for years for that reason. I decided to go back and watch this one now because I’m a fan of The House guys. It’s pretty sad to see, at 37 years old, Sean hasn’t changed a bit. With all the theatrics, at least once a match, it’s easy to see why he is one of the most unlikable players on the Tour. 🙄

      Ten years tuning out wasn’t enough…he’s obviously never going to change. I’ve seen enough Sean Rash, in just this one telecast, to last me a lifetime. ✌🏽

    2. He does give off a bad demeanor on tv for some reason. Outside of it, truly nice guy. He was the very first person to congratulate me on Facebook when I got signed to 900 global in january. Has no clue who I am, and must started an actual conversation from his personal Facebook

    3. I loved it when Belmo crackled that bottle and then Rash went off, what a joke ,deal with noise that’s bowling

    4. @jace welsh yeah he could. The new pba oil patterns are not that difficult. Like sure the old 1/1 40ft patterns were hard but nowadays its almost like a modified house shot.

    1. i think that’s like the first reactive he’s ever drilled before. i’ve seen him bowl on the longer patterns with urethane before so i’m guessing he’s just trying to become more versatile.

  3. Yea I believe Packy missed the 6 pin simply because of nerves. It’s not easy on tour and your first telecast with all those bright lights is another thing as well.

  4. Brad Miller I understand and feel your pain as far as those 9 counts because a lot of times in leagues all I do is spare my but off and I’m still searching for my 800. Of course it’s the angle to the pocket though.

  5. First telecast I’ve seen where Rash does not miss a single pin spare. But congrats to him on this win.

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