22 Comments on “PBA Bowling Oklahoma Open Finals 07 02 2017 (HD)”

    1. Chris Barnes is a true gentleman and I will root for him every time. He gives the sport of bowling class

    1. Honestly, when I saw him in the line up, I had a feeling he would be in the championship match. He’s just a technician on the lanes!!!!

  1. Why in the hell do they still allow spectators to sit down at the pins? That is OBVIOUSLY a distraction!!!!

  2. One of the best final matches I have ever seen. Well deserved by Marshall. But phenomenal performance by Chris Barnes in all 3 matches. One of the best performances I’ve seen of his. He’ll definitely get a win this year soon.

  3. Special event. 3 gutter balls in one game and we see all kinds of bowlers. Left handers, right handers, 2 handed lefties and 2 handed righties.

  4. I remember when I bowled on this last week.. I had my Radical Cash and bowled a 240.. next game was a definite ball change went to my Maverick 185… Than another ball change to pitch black and 170. This pattern is for sure a challenge. If you want a challenge and wanna up your game this is definitely a pattern to look into.

  5. Wow! Look at that old school urethane ball marshal is using. The old Storm Flame Blue urethane. No flare, single oil stripe when rolling down the lane. Control.

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