28 Comments on “PBA Bowling Oklahoma Open Semi-finals 07 01 2017 (HD)”

  1. Idk why Jesper didn’t start with urethane in the 1st place like he literally ALWAYS does. Also Ej is a great bowler, but if he didn’t hook the ball so much with all those revs maybe he could adjust to drier lanes better.

    1. Cameron Morgan it’s the fact that ej threw reactive… jespers rev rate is higher than ej’s

    2. Jere Turunen Well I know that. My point is Ej would be much better if he could play straighter and smoother because sometimes straighter is greater.

  2. That panel on the left lane sticking up on the left side should make that lane Out Of Compliance.

  3. Nancy Schenk doesn’t look like she’s smiling and constipated this time, good to know she understands she looks somewhat normal now.

    1. I don’t know why YT did it just 480. I uploaded the 1080 file and after processing YT had it just in lower resolution. Not sure why. I did what I do for every video and they all come as 720p60fps on YT.

  4. That guy in the crowd is either being paid to over enthusiastically cheer for every ball that goes down the lane, or maybe he’s bowling’s biggest fan in the world! 🤣

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