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    1. @terminat1 Specto is real life… I can go to a bowling center and use it myself for $25 an hour. I don’t have to watch the pros use it 😂😂😂

    2. @mikey flyzlow Apparently i dont bowl on sport patterns…thank God for YouTube comments to inform me of this.

    1. Specto is awesome. My local alley has sort of an older version of it but you can track everything on the specto app and it’s so accurate. The only thing that isn’t that accurate on our version is RPMs.

  1. The brutality of bowling. One guy throws utter garbage right through the nose and comes up with a strike, the other guy nails the pocket and leaves a flat 10.

    1. Dom also threw a garbage Brooklyn just before Marshall 10th. Both guys had a tough game. If Marshall didn’t open earlier Dom most likely would’ve needed to at least double. Cant wait for the new season seems like the PBA has alot of momentum.

    2. @Jeff Lobbezoo well dom was playing a harder line but thats what he gets for not moving more inside and throwing harder like kent

  2. i like this specto striketrack thing and the way it’s presented! more dynamic and less crude than the blue oil we got the last few years. hope they manage to bring it to every event in 2019!

    1. PBA on FOX has already had a record breaking telecast which was the Lubbock Sports Open where 1.8 million tuned in, making it the first PBA show that wasn’t next to an NFL timeslot since 2005 to have 1 million people tune in!

  3. Rob Stone is back!
    He was a little teary-eyed on the intro and later had to hold back the tears when he was talking with Randy.
    So good to have him back!
    Bowling is fun again.

    1. THEGTF124 Mike J has been the audience booth announcer pretty much ever since he was kicked off the commentary table expect for a few months.

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