30 Comments on “PBA Bowling PBA Summer League Elias Cup Finals 2 07 18 2019 (HD)”

  1. I realize I’m missing part 1 of the finals. The recording for that was messed up and the audio is gone for the part of the show. So I will wait for a replay and record again to post. Right now nothing scheduled on TV but hopefully soon. Meanwhile you can watch the 2nd part of the finals which will reveal the winning team.

    1. @the Jeopardy fan 2020 I have them here but I’m struggling to remove the commercials on such large video (they were 4 hour shows each on TV). Maybe my computer can’t handle it but I will try on another one and see how it goes.

  2. Your our only hope of getting the PBA bowling shows at least close to the proper time. PBA themselves are slow pokes and I keep on getting a bucket load of hate from people over there whenever I say so 😂

    1. And even more irritating than usual. He always wants to be the centre of attention. I much prefer Dave Lamont, knowledgeable and a good foil for Randy without going over the top.

  3. I was rooting for L.A.X I wanted them to win but they did great to, the breaks just didn’t fall there way lumberjacks wasn’t given them no chance.

  4. anyone know who the “pinhead” ladies are or the “groupies” that are always in the background? The one has a smile on her face non-stop..

  5. When it comes to TV bowling….it’s all about Kim. Other than that…this makes the Gong Show look like Masterpiece Theatre

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