36 Comments on “PBA Bowling | Pete Weber throws a gutterball 【Full HD】”

  1. Doesn’t matter, he is still one of the best bowlers on the planet.
    No matter how many times he gets emotional on television, if he says anything to someone in the stands, or if he makes mistakes in the sport of bowling.

    GO PDW all the way. Favorite bowler of all time.

    1. David Sharif He’s 1/3 the man and 1/2 the bowler his father was. He’s a total douchbag.

  2. Can’t be any worse than del bellard being so pumped after striking that he just needing 7 pins in the title match to beat pete on his last ball unfortunately his ball went into the gutter

  3. Dont worry old pete it happens to the best of us. I mean look at me i theow gutterballs all the time!

  4. Ya this happen to me in one in three games. Lose concentration on the ball. Not letting the ball work. Pete knows this too

  5. If I was a pro bowler on tour, and I bowled a gutter ball, I would not be calm like Weber at all. I would be swearing my mouth off. It would be like that scene in Happy Gilmore when he’s swearing and the words are being beeped off constantly

  6. Pete Webers one of the greatest bowlers ever on the pba tour, real hard to believe seeing him throw a gutterball, not usual for him

  7. Has anyone else noticed that Pete wears a FootJoy golf glove with the thumb cut off? I know this because I play golf with the same glove

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