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  1. Wow, what a nice breaks. I’ve never seen such a bad carry in Belmo’s matches. But let’s be honest, two years ago Simonsen have left pocket 7-10 too. Great final!

    1. so little kids who throw with two hands are never gonna throw with one hand again. Thank the PBA for setting up bowling for 2-hand specialists. There should be less 1-hand bowlers on tour each and every year to follow. They allowed the sport to become the joke that other athletes already assumed it was before.

    2. @mpup54 just saying they’re taking out the ability to have a hole without using it because of triangle drilling for 2-hand or no-thumb bowlers… this shows that the PBA doesn’t “want” 2-hand bowlers.

  2. Let this sink in Belmo never missed the pocket and shot a 212, tough breaks. Acted like a true professional in all that bad luck.

    1. TheAbele992 Anthony missed the pocket twice I think, one with the Greek church and one other I can’t remember

    2. He did miss on the right lane majorly frames 7 and 9 so I think he sorta deserved the 7-10’s if he can get away with that

  3. What an up and down final match! They both did great, but those 7-10’s delayed history. But Belmo was gracious even in defeat, it’s what separates pros of the sport from role models of the sport.

    1. I would never try to silence someone just for not cheering for him. That would be just wrong in every way. I just try to reason with those who wanna throw salt on him and his reputation. 
      Whose really to say what’s a good or bad way to bring in fans when it comes to bowling style and fundamentals? 2 handed has it’s own fundamentals. you can’t just hunk it down the lane with two hands and do great, it takes just as much training as with a one handed form. 
      Look, for real this time with all sarcasm aside: I hate to tell anyone this, but if you truly hate the way the game is going, then it’s not for you. It’s a power dominant game, the 2-handers are just better adapted for it. It’s not wrong, it just works in a different fashion. So of course the kids and the next generation are gonna emulate it, in fact there’s gonna come a time when 2-handed is considered traditional as well, if not already. @Dwide Schrude

    2. @Doubling the Fun I do acknowledge your honest, genuine, sarcasm-aside input. I’m so sorry you had to put yourself up to saying what you hated to say, it must have been difficult.

      It’s not a purely power dominant game as you would suggest. There are still wayyyy more strokers and tweeners than power players, especially in the game as a whole (All bowlers worldwide). Even on tour, the power players are outnumbered, just look at a list of the players on tour along with their styles. Growing yes, but outnumbered still. When it boils down to it, accuracy is what counts in the game. Power players, and especially 2 handers are least-suited for accuracy because of their ball speed and rev rates, which can change drastically shot by shot for them. Their margin for error is lessened and some have gotten really good with it. Pin carry is increased, but when they miss, they miss badly, and they pay for it. I don’t doubt that 2-handed bowling is/will be considered traditional, that doesn’t make it any less flawed for the reason outlined above. Players are free to bowl however the hell they want, but coaches still stick to traditional one-handed fundamentals when they are teaching newbies. But ya, because you see things differently, go ahead and tell me to leave the game. You still don’t realize that you’re trying to silence your opposition, even though it is “wrong in every way”. SMH. I reiterate that we very likely won’t come to consensus on this.

    3. That’s where sport shots come in, they test the true worth of a bowler, one hand or two. The shot makers will prevail. Just remember that power and accuracy are not natural enemies, one can accompany the other. And asking you whether you really enjoy watching bowling isn’t trying to silence you, it’s just me trying to get you to question your rationale for being here, since you do honestly seem to dislike many components of the modern game. I not gonna tell you what to do, it’s your choice.

  4. 1:13:54 “and it happens a lot, especially to the power players, not very often, but it does happen to them.” LOL Randy WUT

    1. @B2TFTW when i first began this bowling journey i couldn’t even walk. not physically, but mentally. physically i couldn’t either. also mentally i could not do it as well. the funny thing is? i could, even though many times i thought i had polio. then i realized i did not have polio. and guess what? i still don’t. That’s why I bowl 2 handed.

  5. And for all you haters, having been in similar situations, you can’t just turn off being human. Yes he should have squelched his vocal feelings, but it is not all that easy.

    1. @jOE Marchand At the end? He points to guy and says “Thank you for coming”, one of his friends who drove a long way out as mentioned in the show.

  6. I thought that Anthony was going to let that 5th frame distraction ruin his game especially after Belmo ripped a beauty double. Props to him for getting back on track on 1 of the biggest stages in bowling. Congrats to both guy’s great final!!!

  7. I love how anthony blames the phone, even when he restarted his pre shot routine, because he threw a horrid shot…he needs to grow up.

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