PBA Bowling Players Championship Southwest Region Finals 01 31 2021 (HD)

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This show was televised on Fox Sports. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.

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21 Comments on “PBA Bowling Players Championship Southwest Region Finals 01 31 2021 (HD)”

    1. It looks like he threw it a tad to hard and it didn’t pick up earlier to hook and it was just a tad late causing the 7 pin, cuz the 7 to lose was 19.4 MPH, while the past few shots were about in the 18ish MPH

    1. the most recent i remember is the 2017 world championship (WSOB IX) where Troup and Sanders had a roll off and then 2 matches later Belmonte and Ciminelli had a roll off

  1. It’s so refreshing and nice to see new faces and young ones like Wesley and Ben. I have friends who bowled with these guys in jr gold. It’s crazy growing up with these guys. Good job to everyone.

  2. Anyone know how Francois is able to compete in the Southwest region when he’s from Canada? Maybe he has an address in the qualifying area? Figured Canadian bowlers would be in the north regions of qualification.

    1. It’s not where you’re born, it’s where you currently reside/compete. Same reason Belmonte was able to bowl, as well as all other foreign players.

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