28 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Final Four 11 08 2020 (HD)”

  1. The best part about watching your videos is being able to skip the insanely repetitive player bios EVERY single show

    1. @32LANESx7 NOWONLYx2 It was better when they allowed her to talk while someone was on the approach, or a post-interview summary, as opposed to watching her talk to someone

    2. @Cooper Gates She is a former beauty queen. May explain all her presence in front of the camera. Perhaps, a ploy to boost the male viewership when the ratings numbers are under consideration? Do agree that her interviews & off camera commentary could be tweaked a lot? As attractive as she may be, we’re tuned in to watch professional bowling, not interview sessions!

    3. @32LANESx7 NOWONLYx2 Of course she is hot, but if that kind of thing proves necessary to keep enough people interested in watching bowling, that’s pretty sad.

  2. Thank you for the uploads. I actually saw the live telecast (the 1/4), but due to different time zone didn’t actually get to semis and the finals (it was 3am here at the time).

    1. Parodyingly speaking, The Real Deal, is he acrobatic & can he act? Unless he’s able to use the same stall in the restroom, he may find his foe Cena to be a bit of a challenge?

  3. Who is Bill O’Neill facing one the WWE Match?
    *Jason Belmonte comes out of nowhere with the chair and steals the Belt

  4. The real deal, Bill O’Neal. A good charisma with this good buddy Belmo and Bill. When Bill got knocked off, Belmo step up and win the tournament. When Belmo got knocked off, Bill step up and win the tournament. A big Thank you to the king Bosoares

    1. Is Randy Pedersen still in Psychotherapy & still having nightmares about Ernie Schlegal as the result of witnessing another Solid-8, or was that a RobStone-8?

  5. I appreciate the opportunity to watch the Playoffs since I don’t have cable or direct tv.
    Thank you!

  6. Was it just me or did anyone else notice that in game 2 against O’Neil it looked like Simonsen wasn’t comfortable with his ball reaction and starting pulling the ball?

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