38 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Quarterfinals Part 1 05 20 2019 (HD)”

  1. *The best bowling YouTube channel does it again! Thanks for the upload! I keep missing the show because of NBA playoffs.*


    1. missed it this time too.. was at the bowling alley while it was going on and even they changed it over to basketball..

  2. Liking the way Prather carries himself on the lanes. Not to flashy or cocky like Rash. He’s a winner. Really thought he was slighted by not being picked for the PBA league last year. He has a chip on his shoulder, and rightfully so. He’s bowling with a purpose. Hope he wins it all. He’s a breath of fresh air for the PBA. Im liking him more and more with every show he is on. He’s humble and respectful of the game.

    1. Rash has gotten so much better than he used to be, he is such a great guy now. Maybe since he had a kid? I don’t know but all I know is he’s my favorite personality on tour

  3. I know this is a different era, but I can’t stand the crowd chanting. I feel they are trying to make it like the major sports, but it just doesn’t work. The crowds in the major sports are at least cheering their favorite. Here they are yelling nonsense!

    1. I kinda agree with you, although, you have to understand the history at this center to know why they do it here, and only here.

      I would much rather hear a LOT of noise than it being quiet and then some sudden noise at the foul line.

    2. @Charlie Odom I’m sure if the PBA would step in and inform the audience to stay quiet they would, even though the center as a reputation. I think it’s the new breed and young breed at the top. The PBA is catering to the younger crowd and trying to pump some life into a sport that needs a shot in the arm. There are some sports like golf, tennis and bowling that are best when the atmosphere is quiet. Just look at the classic matches in the 70’s and 80’s where a great shot was made and the sudden roar of the crowd was great! Another issue I have is just the goofy chants that seem to not add anything to the game experience and not to mention the tv viewing. The PBA is desperately trying to be like the major sports which will never happen. Just my opinion!

  4. I just want to say thank you. I look forward to you loading the PBA telecasts each week. Thanks for keeping up with it!

  5. I used to like the chanting and atmosphere but honestly, it’s just annoying and purposely annoying now.

    1. Someone once tried to compare the “enthusiasm” to that in other sports, but I’m of a generation that watched quietly while the bowlers worked, then applauded or groaned accordingly.
      Now there’s morons who lean into the lane, or shoot flash pictures, or yell as the bowler makes his approach, then get mad when a bowler like PDW makes a retort.
      The bowlers are WORKING; it’s one thing if it’s CP3 fund raiser. It’s entirely different when someone’s bowling for $5000 or $50000.
      Would you want your surgeon yelled at when he makes that first cut into your eyeball?

  6. Prathers pin carry is amazing. No matter where he hits the pocket it’s always a no-doubt strike

  7. If I ever make it to where these bowlers are, I’m never watching PBA replays on YT simply because I don’t want to hear the commentators guzzling Belmos balls in their mouths.

  8. Im not a fan of the constant yelling and chanting while the player is on approach. This is bowling, not college football.

    1. @Rebecca W how many vids and comments did you take the time to say you can’t stand/agree with the chanting? Lol.

  9. Thanks for the uploads. Lots of comments on the crowd noise… just my two cents on the issue

    Players seem to like the enthusiasm. Most of the time is spent bowling in tournaments for long hours with very little fanfare. So for them, the crowd noise is different.
    With the noise itself, one thing you can’t have is intermittent noise because someone will make a noise at the release point and screw up someone’s shot. So it’s either needs to be as it was in the past with absolutely no noise during the approach, or it needs to be continuous noise as it is on FOX. So the crowd noise is on purpose. It provides enthusiasm (which is what the bowlers and FOX want), and it’s continuous noise in order to avoid negative impact on the bowlers.

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