23 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Quarterfinals Part 2 05 27 2019 (HD)”

    1. The Claw Ninja haha yeah! I was a bowler in high school and love watching the Pba 🙂 hope all is well with you dude!

    2. @Carson Claws Nice! 🙂 I got hooked on PBA a few months ago, and I’ve been watching previous season on YouTube! I’m all the way back to 2015 now, and watch the current stuff live. I never knew how intriguing this is…

  1. Oh my god!!! We’re still in Portland!!!! 🙂 Love this crowd, they’re the best and most enthusiastic bunch since the show ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ in the 70’s!!! Big THANKS to the bo’ster for bringing this to YouTubeland!!

  2. Thanks heaps for keeping these coming – I am a keen follower of PBA (and bowling in general) and don’t have the extra money to subscribe to the pay per view of these events, so being able to watch them here is fantastic!  Thanks so much.

    1. My kids n i love the game! We are So excited because My kids will be participating in this yrs pro am and will get to bowl with some of the top ranked pba bowlers. Definitely will be an event to remember. My kids sleep eat n breath bowling! Check out my 8 yr old (who loves bowling) do a sick reverse curve with hook https://youtu.be/SeBKzKhPDCM

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