30 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Round of 16 Part 3 05 06 2019 (HD)”

  1. Faaackin awesome man. I watch all your videos! I really like how urethane is making such a strong comeback in the arsenals of the pros. I wonder if this is because of some advancement in urethane ball tech, or if these guys have started to come full circle with bowling technology. Maybe in another 10 years we will see rubber make a comeback xD

    1. bosares, your telecasts are missing entire shots and fragmenting. You need to check on this because its happening every recording and there were plenty in this recording to choose from.

      Also, how many matches is Jacob gonna give away on easy spares? Its just staggering what he is doing. You think he would have made that a focus by now…but nope, same techniques, same misses.

  2. Lesson learned Butturff, in a 2 game match never celebrate too early especially against the big nasty. Thank you again king Bosoares

    1. @Noli Roca I watch everything carefully. That was a normal celebration of “i got 1 win i need just 1 more”. Many bowlers do it..

    2. @Noli Roca If you follow these players more, you can eventually tell who is what. Jacob doesnt look nowhere near cocky.

  3. there were amazing finishes in the Wes Malott vs Jakob Butturff match and Bill O’Neill vs Jesper Svensson match

  4. The Butturff/Big Nasty match was awesome, but that FS2 edit during the roll-off was frigging BRUTAL! lol

  5. 44:15 Dude isn’t losing revs and power, he’s bowling like it’s the 50s. Drop your damn shoulder! lol

  6. I like a little crowd interaction with my bowling and I’m loving the personality infusion the sport has gotten but it feels a little hollow and phony at times, like everyone from the production to the crowd is trying way too hard to be cool. Part of bowling’s charm is that it can be loveably dorky

  7. Why on each video does it cut out important moments, like the very last shot of Butturff? Is it because of copyright/promo issues? This happens quite a bit throught the videos where it’ll skip a shot or whole frame of a bowler.

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