28 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Round of 16 Part 4 05 13 2019 (HD)”

    1. His game is much more difficult to execute than it looks. His decades of success, Hall of Fame and winning record show it’s success but no one else can execute it like him.

  1. I just love the direction PBA bowling has taken. I am actually excited to watch

    1. Let’s see: Trump voter: Strong police and military, safe streets, strong border patrol, Christianity, our flag, our constitution, amendment 2 to protect ourselves, open markets, etc.
      you – Bernie / Ocasio-Cortez supporters/voters: communism, killings of police, open borders, vandalism, socialism, radical Islam, Sharia Law, closure of markets (no food), rations, MS-13 welcome, etc. I rather take Trump. Thank you very much!

    2. @Juan Echevarria You’re such a caricature of a person. Pretty much wrong on every account. How does it feel to be a complete moron just like Trump.

    3. @Juan Echevarria Don’t forget the genocide of our precious embryos. I heard AOC wants to have public abortions, right out in the public square! For Shame!

    4. ​@Juan Echevarria @S1rWakka First of all, I am very disappointed that this became political.

      I have grown to accept 2-handed bowling. If you’ve ever bowled on a sport shot you will understand that rev rate and speed are useless unless you cant hit your mark, make the correct adjustments, get your bowling ball to enter the pocket correctly, and pick up spares.

      The 2000’s – early 2010’s era of bowling went down the wrong path. Just re-watch some telecasts on youtube. It was so goofy. Randy was saying all these stupid one liners. They were doing exactly what you are claiming is happening now- turning bowling into a circus. But modern bowling is taking a much better path. We live in the information age. Look at other mainstream sports. Everything is about statcast–exit velocity, launch angle, etc. People crave this stuff. Giving us visuals, showing rev rate and speed, showing the path the ball takes, adds so much great information to bowling. It shows the average person that bowling is complex and has a lot more depth when bowling is taken as a sport and not a hobby.

      You complain about the screaming? Look up “Parker Bohn III 300 Game 1998 ABC Masters”. Screaming while they are bowling is not a new concept.

      I can tell by your political views that you very much do not like change, because change makes you uncomfortable. I’m sorry to say, that makes you a very sad and pathetic human being.

  2. I’m with Randy on the ‘ball intimidation’ story about 1 hour in. It works I swear!

  3. I just love Norm. One of my favorites growing up and one of my faves still after getting back into bowling recently. Hope to see him on the main tour next year

  4. Thank you for making these videos I’m not able to watch on Sundays so this helps me keep track I greatly appreciate the videos and keep up the great videos

  5. This was the best round! Amazing matches. And 2 of my fave bowlers go through to the next round.

  6. When did they start playing music and chanting during a players approach? That would be hella distracting!

  7. If it were not for people like you, I could not enjoy my most favorite bowling show in the world. Thank you so much for posting the videos for people who don’t got cable.

  8. If you ask me, the pace of this is a bit too slow. Time to “pick–it–up, pick–it–up.” 🙄

  9. “that ball was DOA on arrival” so the ball was dead on arrival on arrival…………………… sweet lol

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